Cmap Free Download

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Cmap Free Download

It allows users to, among many other features, construct their Cmaps in their personal computer, share them on servers (CmapServers) anywhere on the Internet, link their Cmaps to other Cmaps.

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The collaboration and publishing features provide a powerful means for representing and sharing knowledge.

The user can modify the shape of the text-box, the font, color, insert a background image, Don't hesitate, if you need to create a ConceptMap, download CmapTools, it is free.

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CmapTools is used worldwide in all domains of knowledge and by users of all ages to graphically express their understanding.

The ihmc CmapTools client is free for use by anybody, whether its use is commercial or non-commercial.

In particular, CmapTools is used in schools, universities, government organizations, corporations, small companies, and other organizations, both individually and in groups, for education, training, knowledge management, brainstorming, organizing information, among.

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In particular, schools and universities are encouraged to download it and install it in as many computers as desired, and students and teachers may make copies of it and install.

There exist good applications to create concept maps, but CmapTools is one of the most useful and advanced ones we have tested.

The ihmc CmapTools program empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps.

Creating an scheme is very easy, you only have to insert the text boxes by double-clicking and drag the arrows and lines towards the desired place.

One of the features that make it different is that it allows you to create online maps including attached files or links to other websites and share your maps over.

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A concept map is a very good tool if you want to explain some concepts and complex theories composed by several main ideas related to each other.

Cmap Free Download

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